iXperience - a bit about us…

iXperience offers the only summer study abroad program that combines the 3 most important aspects of career acceleration: immersive classroom learning, hands-on professional experience, and cultural and personal exploration. Our vision is to challenge traditional education globally.

Join us and your sense of impact and reward will be huge. You will help to build a brand which is making a real difference in education, both locally and internationally. iXperience teaches 21st century skills in a way that universities don't. We're empowering the next generation of learners with knowledge, skills and experience that will enable them to discover their potential and help them go on to shape our future.

We are a small non-hierarchical team; this means that you are going to get exposure to all aspects of our business immediately. You’ll gain as much accountability as you can handle and have a huge influence on scaling the company.

Being an organisation that’s passionate about education, we place a high value on learning and personal growth, so you’ll have time to learn new skills in work time and at the company’s expense.

One of our goals is to build the most revolutionary and accelerated education spaces anywhere in the world. This means putting a lot of time into ensuring we only hire people with exceptional potential, and creating the best working environment possible.

Your role as part of the iXperience team

You are a determined and innovative individual with a passion for education and strategic partnerships. You have a keen ability to bring value through collaboration to our business. You are a strong relationship builder and you love a challenge. You are also analytical, and let data drive your decision making. You are not scared to bring bold ideas to the table.

The successful candidate will be highly business-literate, with the ability to build strong relationships with different organisations in both corporate and academic settings, as well as with individuals across all levels and functions of these organisations.

The purpose of the Global Partnership & Internship Manager:

  1. Analyze landscape of potential partners for iXperience

  2. Seek opportunities to grow the Global Partner network and build mutually value-adding strong relationships with key business and academic contacts with this in mind

  3. Implement a high-quality internship programme for the iXperience College Programme

    1. Engage with potential clients, already in 2017

    2. Carefully scope and craft internship projects with each corporate client, taking into consideration feedback from the Head Teachers

    3. Making sure that the skills necessary for the students to succeed in the internships are taught in the classroom

    4. Building a team to deliver the coaching support for students during their internships

      1. This will include, but is not limited to, finding and managing coaches who have both the technical skills and soft skills necessary to assist the internship teams deliver high-quality results to their clients, as well as unlock each student’s potential and personal growth

    5. Ensuring top-quality close out with all partners for the internship programme

  4. Review and measure results and iterate

Management and Systems Design are your primary drivers. Collaboration and Relationship-Building will be essential skills.

Specifically, you will:

  • Research and understand the landscape of potential corporate and university partners for iXperience;

  • Understand and explain what value each potential partner brings to iXperience, and vice versa;

  • Develop a framework for leveraging partnerships;

  • Successfully implement the new Internship model, managing the internship team to deliver a high-quality internship programme that delivers value to our students, to iXperience and to our internship companies

You’ll need to be pretty awesome at these things:

Relationship-building. You will be required to develop deep and valuable relationships with corporates and universities

Management. You will need to understand how partnerships and internships add value for all parties, and manage your team against achieving this value.

Systems Design. You will need to understand how the different parts of the Internship programme fit together in complex interaction, and design implementation accordingly.

Managing Complexity. Our Internship model is complex, and requires the ability to handle complexity and make insightful decisions under pressure.

Attention to Detail. The Internship model of iXperience demands high attention to detail and closely managed execution

Data Analysis. You should love collecting and analyzing data to find actionable insights and improve decision making.

Mindfulness. Be considerate of the implications of your work, and really care about what you are doing and the impact of your contribution.

Team spirit. We are all contributing to the same vision and goal, so be a great individual contributor but be more motivated by supporting the team to achieve. We only win if the team wins.
The nitty gritty - you’ll also need to be able to tick these boxes:

  • A proven track record of outstanding results

  • Proven ability to find strategic partnerships that have led to value creation for all parties

  • An exceptional, business-literate individual with the ability to work at the highest levels within local and international companies and universities

  • Highly effective communicator with the ability to articulate the value that all parties get from a partnership

  • Strong relationship management skills and track record of building business networks that add value for all stakeholders

  • Strong collaborative team member and leader, motivated by achieving stretch goals and targets

  • Strong analytic skills (financial, planning, operational)

  • Demonstrated drive to solve problems in a matrix team environment

  • Leading with high energy and a positive attitude

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral

  • Innovative and creative problem solver, able to operate in a highly dynamic environment

  • Willingness and ability to travel internationally

If this sounds exciting to you, apply below and tell us why you’re interested in joining us.