Why iX?

We’re an elite, future-oriented team that is building the future of learning. We’ve had the opportunity to work with the world’s best students and industry professionals to create courses and internships that have helps university students land jobs as places like Facebook, Bain & Co, Microsoft, and SpaceX. Our magic comes from our world-class standards (the quality of our classes is on par with those at the Ivy League), our focus on community, and forming authentic, individualized connections with each student.

Our dream is to build a global university with campuses on each continent that challenges thousands of students each year to learn and travel more than they thought possible. To that end, we’ve created a high freedom, high accountability environment at work where employees are treated as elite professionals who are responsible for their own time and work. At the same time, we forge deep relationships, hang out plenty out of the office, and cultivate a deep sense of trust as the foundation for all we do.

Your role as part of the iX team

This is a two-part role that will involve you doing different things during different parts of the year.

During our programs (May - August)

You'll be responsible for managing our programs when our classes are in session. This will involve working with our existing team and operations to create a life-changing educational experience for the students. This year, you'll mostly be based in Lisbon, Portugal, and iXperience will cover your accommodation, flights, and some of your living expenses while you're abroad. In future years, you may travel to our other locations, including Berlin, Tel Aviv, or locations in South America or Asia that we may open up.

The rest of the year (September - April)

The rest of the year, you will work to establish formal and informal partnerships with universities around the world. The goal will be to work with study abroad offices and other educational offices at the universities to promote iXperience as a premier study abroad opportunity to their students, as well as unlock funding channels for disadvantaged students. Over time, you'll be expected to build a team that helps you manage a global partnerships network across several continents.

On the job, you will:

  • Help manage our education program in Lisbon or Berlin.
  • Work with universities around the world to establish iXperience as a partner.
  • Over time, build a team that manages all university relationships.

You'll need:

  • Comfort with a changing environment and unclear goals.
  • Minimum 2 years of management experience.
  • Clear written and oral communication skills.
  • A dynamic and ambitious management style.
  • An intense hunger to continually learn and work outside of your comfort zone.

You'll stand out if you:

  • Are comfortable using software, spreadsheets, and tech in general.
  • Love building authentic relationships with people.
  • Love to read and challenge your own ideas.
  • Have a proven track record of success.
  • Have world-class standards.