Your role as part of the iX team

We are looking for a charismatic, wild-thinking leader to join the iX team. You will oversee and drive all activities related to marketing and lead generation in the business. You would be responsible for creating marketing strategies that will build the business’s brand, lead to increased revenue, awareness, respect, and relevance among iXperience’s target audience.

Most of all, your responsibility will be to wow the world. We believe that today, not taking risks is riskier than taking risks. That is, if we're not remarkable and relentless in the pursuit of the bold, we will become irrelevant. "Very good" is not good enough. You should be excited by data-driven experimentation, and making huge, calculated bets.

On the job, you will:

  • Come up with and execute bold, game-changing ideas in the global, elite education space.

  • Develop a deep understanding of our target market through travel and face-to-face engagement as well as online communication. Right now our market is college students, mostly from America. In the future, that might include different areas of the world, or different age groups—our vision is to build an education ecosystem for people at any stage in life.

  • Manage multiple marketing strategies effectively, including content marketing, referral community activation, paid media, digital advertising, press, and most importantly, trip to American universities.

  • Amplify the iXperience story and take our brand to new heights. Our vision is to become a global university, on par with the likes of Singularity, Minerva, General Assembly, and Khan Academy. All those companies not only have impeccable design, but inspiring storytelling that allows them to connect with a broad audience.

  • Develop strategic partnerships to increase our reach and elevate our brand.

  • Build a world-class marketing team. You'll need to hire (and if necessary, fire), coach, activate, and inspire.

You'll need:

  • Minimum 3 years of experience doing at least 4 of the 6 activities above.

  • Comfort with a changing environment and unclear goals.

  • A vibrant, fun-loving, no-judgment approach to coming up with ideas.

  • A rigorous, data-driven approach to testing ideas.

You'll stand out if you:

  • Have a design background, and can create your own ad creatives.
  • Have a data background, and can collect, clean, analyze, and act on data.
  • Have a storytelling or writing background, and can craft inspiring, remarkable narratives.
  • Have a basic tech background, and are fluent using the latest digital platforms and tools.