Your role as part of the iX team

We are looking for an eloquent, confident, and charismatic associate to join the iX team. You will be the first point of contact for our students and parents, responsible for understanding their unique ambitions, guiding them through the admissions pipeline, and convincing them why iXperience is the best option for their career and travel goals.

Most of all, you will play a crucial role in making our communication, admissions, and sales process both more scientific and human. We sincerely believe that our study abroad programs are amongst the best in the world—we need to convince potential students of that fact as well. This will happen by applying compelling sales tactics, but also by understanding where students and their parents are coming from, communicating with incredible empathy, and wowing them with our generosity.

On the job, you will:

  • Be the face of iXperience and the first point of customer contact for iXperience.
  • Make Skype calls, reply to email queries, host webinars, and conduct online information sessions for both our students (mostlby American undergraduates) and their parents.
  • Use your learnings to make our sales and admissions process more scientific, measurable, and empathetic.
  • Grow a customer communications team and help increase conversion rates through our entire funnel.
  • Present valuable insights to better the customer communication and support process based on data analysis, model building, and customer insights.

You'll need:

  • The ability to work in a fast-paced and rapidly changing, results-driven environment.
  • The ability to connect with young students and their parents on the phone, via email, or in person, and sell them on a high-end product.
  • Impeccable oral and written command of the English language.
  • Sound technical skills in working with relevant sales software.
  • Necessary skills like time management, attention to detail, and working with large amounts of data.
  • A rigorous, data-driven approach to reaching goals and solving problems.

You'll stand out if you:

  • Have basic experience in customer support.
  • Completed tertiary study with a major in English, Psychology, or similar.
  • Come with a deep hunger to learn and improve yourself daily.
  • Are humble in your approach.
  • Have a data background, and can collect, clean, analyze, and act on data.