Digital Performance Marketer at iXperience

iXperience - a bit about us…

iXperience is an education company whose mission is to create epic journeys of growth that unlock our students’ potential. Our vision is to become the world’s leading experiential learning ecosystem that inspires and enables radical personal growth.

Join us and your sense of impact and reward will be huge. You will help to build a brand which is making a real difference in education, both locally and internationally. iXperience teaches 21st century skills in a way that universities don't. We're empowering the next generation of learners with knowledge, skills, and experience that will enable them to discover their potential and help them go on to shape our future.

We are a small non-hierarchical team; this means that you are going to get exposure to all aspects of our business immediately. You’ll gain as much accountability as you can handle and have a huge influence on scaling the company.

Being an organisation that’s passionate about education, we place a high value on learning and personal growth, so you’ll have time to learn new skills in work time and at the company’s expense.

One of our goals is to build the most revolutionary and accelerated education spaces anywhere in the world. This means putting a lot of time into ensuring we only hire people with exceptional potential and creating the best working environment possible.

Your role as part of the iX team

You are an extremely resourceful individual with a passion for education. You have a keen ability to bring creative flair to our business through developing new ideas and strategies to complement our marketing campaign.

You also have a technical understanding of “Growth Hacking” and are a risk taker that loves a challenge—any problem can be solved with some imaginative genius.

This means that you are also analytical and let data drive your decision making. You are not scared to bring bold ideas to the table.

You will build the following creative marketing process at iX using 4 key steps:

  1. Understand customer data;
  2. Generate new and innovative ideas to bring new customers and lift the brand;
  3. Review results and iterate.

SPEED and CREATIVITY are your primary drivers.

Specifically, you will:

  • Focus on lead generation as a specific KPI that drives your efforts;
  • Bring creative marketing ideas to grow this number and hit targets;
  • Run as many creative experiments as possible to test new ideas to generate growth;
  • Use leadership skills to push the tempo of experiments even in the face of the (entirely to be expected) regular failure of ideas;

You’ll need to be pretty awesome at these things:

Design. You will be required to impress everyone with awesome designs. Design skills will also be useful in ensuring the speed of experiments.

Data Analysis. You should love collecting and analyzing data to find actionable insights and improve decision making.

Tech Savviness. At least a high level understanding of all things tech, from front end coding to back end systems.

Mindfulness. Be considerate of the implications of your work, and really care about what you are doing and the impact of your contribution.

Team spirit. We are all contributing to the same vision and goal, so be a great individual contributor but be more motivated by supporting the team to achieve. We only win if the team wins.

The nitty gritty - you’ll also need to be able to tick these boxes:

  • A proven track record of outstanding results.
  • Proven creative idea generation
  • Be relentless in pursuit of growth
  • Have experience with "growth hacking" tools

If this sounds exciting to you, apply below and tell us why you’re interested in joining us.